The Best New Craigslist Personals Alternative in 2023

Over the years, Online dating has become a major player with regards how humans interact sexually and otherwise. With online dating apps making their way into popular culture, they have become for most, a generally acceptable method of meeting and creating new connections with new people, the world over. Regardless of what you are seeking, Pernals has something for you. From hookup junkies to mild friendship seekers. There’s room for everyone!!

Why Pernals was created

Pernals dating app for the most part is almost a complete replacement for craigslist personals which had to be taken down some months back due to the FOSTA bill passed by the US Senate. It executes this function effectively as an app which enables easy interaction between like-minded individuals. The name “Pernals also helps, seeing that most former users of craigslist personals believe that Pernals may be related to the former.

How Pernals works

Generally, Pernals is easy to use. All you have to do is register an account which happens to be a really quick process. After this, you can post your personal ad for free and search personal Ads within your locality or worldwide. And of course, you can finally chat with people who share like interests with you.

Pernals is open to all, gay lesbian, transgender, you name it. The app itself is stable and ensures easy navigation. It also has quite a number of users seeing that the methodology inculcated here is really similar to that of the now defunct craigslist personals. One issue worth mentioning is the presence of bot accounts seemingly due to the less stringent signup methods being used by the developers at Pernals.

The design of the Pernals personals app seems well thought out, however, it comes at a price. Storage space! Pernals occupies about 25mb on Android devices, which happens to be on the higher spectrum of competitor apps. The site design is lovely, and the app itself is stable as aforementioned. The choice of colors works really well with the whole idea of connecting people.

Being one of the first alternatives for the craigslist personals, Pernals has managed to garner enough momentum. And as a direct result, users continue to flock the site as an alternative for craigslist personals. However, the less-than-stringent rules placed on the signup process seems to allow both users on the platform. There aren’t too many of these fake profiles, but if you know your way around dating apps, you’d be able to detect these profiles from a mile away.

Pernals is completely free, all you have to do is register, place your personal ads and search other personals.

The best features on Pernals

My best feature on Pernals would be the personals search utility. This feature not only allows you to search for personals around your vicinity but also the world at large. Unlike most other dating apps, you get to connect with different perspectives and views all for free.

Another feature which I think is cool on Pernals is the “Looking for” field contained in each profile. This field enables users to specify in clear terms their preferences which enable responses from like-minded individuals. I personally think it saves time and helps categorize everyone on the site into small niches so that individuals can directly access what they want without having to search through tons of profiles.

Pros and Cons on Pernals

Pernals is indeed the best alternative app for craigslist personals. Thanks to an ability to sniff at an open market and jump on it early, Pernals is gaining traction. For the app to attain its utmost potential, perhaps a more stringent signup process could be employed to keep out fake user accounts. All in all, the app works!


Colors wreaking sexual
Stable app
A large number of users


Perceived presence of bots
Size of the app on storage